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Aurora Epoxy Dust

Aurora Epoxy Dust Concentrate is a metallic epoxy pigment that is blended with a variety of clear coating resin binders. It's a new concrete coating product.

Available in 12 stocked standard colors. Other colors are available on a custom order basis with minimum order quantities. Aurora Epoxy Dust Concentrate is designed to be used with 100% solids premium water clear industrial epoxy.


Aurora Epoxy Dust Concentrate is intended for use as a metallic epoxy floor system, countertop system, or other horizontal surface to create one of a kind unique designs to enhance any epoxy floor coating.  

Aurora Epoxy Dust has many advantages over other concrete coating methods. Unlike acid stains and standard coloring methods the pigments in this metallic epoxy reflect light rather than absorbing it creating incredible depth and dimension. Since Aurora Epoxy Dust's unique fusions of colorants are influenced by epoxy floor coating and substrate they are placed upon, many different unique visual effects are possible.

Ideal for residential use, office complexes, commercial areas, lobbies, or light industrial epoxy applications.


Used in 100% solids clear industrial epoxy without compromise to the binders physical properties.
Colors can be intermixed or custom ordered for unlimited color variations.
The product develops its own metallic epoxy patina with little installer effort to develop its look.
Multi-dimensional and color hues vary depending on lighting conditions and view angle.
Sold in pigment packs to allow greater user control and versatility. Primer color, color mixing, color loading, all effect the final appearance.

60 sq. ft. mixed to 1 gallon of 100% solids water clear epoxy binder.


Shelf life is three years from date of manufacture as long as containers remain unopened and when material is stored in a protected environment that is free from moisture, excessive heat and freezing temperatures, and direct sunlight.


Obtain the Aurora Epoxy Dust Installation Guide for detailed instructions. 

For best results:
Install a minimum 3' x 3' sample on a suitable substrate, preferably a cement based backer board for approval of acceptable color, texture, finish, and any other critical requirement acceptable to the owner prior to proceeding with the installation.

Protect materials from excessive heat and cold and regularly check wet film thickness with mil gauge and monitor consumption to ensure correct application thickness and rate are obtained.


For maximum elegance the finished surface should be cleaned regularly and treated with a conventional maintenance finish followed by ordinary buffing or high speed burnishing.


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